THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED  – Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence? –

I never look forward to the end of a day, no matter how hard and horrible it may be – for what could be more difficult to accept than the fact that life just got shorter by a day?


This is the book of awkward questions.
It doesn’t promise easy entertainment—it provides understanding at a level that we never reached in school.

Do the past, present, and future exist?
What are miracles made of?
Why can’t science define what time truly is?
Is it that simple to understand infinity?

You will find a multitude of logical deductions and thought experiments in this book. You will realize how astonishingly wonderful our reality is. This book aims to provide an understanding of the universe. It will help you understand time and space, dimensions, infinity, and coincidence.

Did the universe simply happen? By sheer chance? And the people in it? Are we just a product of coincidence? Or were we called to existence by some higher power?

The answers will be provided by you—the reader. The book brings up a series of questions that spark up thoughts, inspire, provoke, and point out contradictions and paradoxes. It doesn’t try to persuade you. It doesn’t shove the author’s truth down your throat.
It shows things. It reveals things.
It shows that one inch is extremely far from being an exact distance measurement. It reminds you that the speed of an arrow shot from a truck, equals the truck’s and its own speed, whereas the same logic doesn’t work with a ray of light.

The book takes the scientific definitions of time, space, geometric points, and line segments – and shows you their incompetence. You’ll see how ungrounded of a scientific base we have, and yet we build our daily lives on it.
Can you define the present time? What really is the present? Just think about it: you started reading this blurb half a minute ago: in the past. You will pay for the book in five minutes: in the future. Right? And now? Are you reading at home, having bought the book two hours ago?

Only one thing is for sure: you are a winner if you can talk about reading The Book that Happened in the past tense. Come along now. Start the adventure with Attila Pergel and get your ticket for this fantastic journey that will send you flying from the atomic nucleus to the edge of the universe!


A taste of reality

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THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED - Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence? by Attila  Pergel

THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED – Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence?

by Attila Pergel

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Hidden realities

Time is not what it seems

Time has always had many different interpretations. The minutes of our everyday lives keep flying by. But what is a minute, an hour, a day, a month, or a year? Is it a coincidence, by any chance, that our lives roll on and pass by according to these definitions of time? Why is time even neccessary? And what would happen if time did not exist? Is there such a place where that is true? I will guide you through thinking experiments, and I promise to show you time from an angle that you never even dared to think about. Our rational ego will beat retreat by the first chapter!

Space-time is more than the correlation of space and time

Physicists and philosophers with higher understanding have already been disappointed by time. Our greats have created the notion of space-time. Our task is no less than to investigate space-time, starting from the conclusions of time - sounds like a chill roller coaster ride! I can assure you that even if the notion of space-time will not fall right into pieces, it will, at least, seriously question the purpose of our existence as we used to percieve it.

Could light not even be a part of our dimension?

One of my favorite chapters. It requires a tiny bit of math and physics - but don’t worry, I’ll help you if you lack a strong base. There is a word, which sounds like this: evident. We use this term to describe light when we talk about its everyday characteristics. The book will reveal that light actually is the most mysterious phenomenon of the world, and although we know so little about it up to this day, we still use it in calculations and operations. While you follow the deductions, you will find that light transcends everything that our rational ego is willing to accept. You will have the chance to look into the true nature of light.

Infinity is the most wonderful consistency

If space-time was a roller coaster, then infinity is no less than a typhoon! The most exhilarating topic of the world is the research of infinity. It is the only research area, where it is impossible to walk around, touch and measure the subject. I invite you to an amazing journey into infinity, in which finiteness will be included as well. You will be able to experience infinity, and by the end of the book will even consider it indispensable - you will simply need it!

Is coincidence a transcendent and inexplicable phenomenon?

I promise no less than to introduce coincidence to you. You will be able to weigh coincidence in all aspects of life, and learn to live with this strange creature as well. Just think about how many “miracles” you needed to get to read these lines. Where did you get the link that got you here, and how and when did you meet the person who sent it to you? And if the results of the search engine sent you here, then what situation made you look for the topic of infinity and space-time? It is not all that complicated, you just have to know how coincidence works. Let’s go and discover coincidence together!

Does dimension exist only in our minds?

One, two, three and four dimensions. “It’s all right”, we may say, but if we start digging deeper, we stumble upon tremendous contradictions. In order to understand things better, we’ll take a trip to space, we’ll play around with quarks, and we’ll even go on a real two-dimensional journey. By then, our brain will be kinder to us, it will start to give up the doctrines, and will look for contradictions, concentrating only on what matters. I will be by your side at all times and help you where the situation gets hopeless.

What does the future, past and present - i.e, the now - mean?

Warning: this chapter contains an experiment that is to be conducted at one’s own risk! The future or the past are terms that relate to time, just as now does. You are approaching the end of the book: by now you are standing on solid ground, as far as understanding goes, and this is the place where the picture about time becomes clear. Take heed, this is where you leave rationality in the past.

The good, the bad, the true and the false

We are convinced that we do what is right, we are certain that we own the truth. But what happens when everything changes a tiny bit in our surroundings - does our conviction of good, bad, true and false still stand?

Attila Pergel

About the author of The Book that Happened – Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence? ;
Attila Pergel: I am a software developer, and in many cases a creator as well – I make logical processes dreamt up by others come to life in a form that computers can understand. My expertise as a lead developer has been put to use by the country’s major financial institutes for many years.

Book of Coincidence is a work of many years, it matured for publishing in 2020, when it reached a state of being able to understand, ask questions, and lead to decision-making.

I am not a writer, but I know for certain what I want to say. Besides, one of the country’s finest editors helped me with my work, so there won’t be any complaints about its quality. The Book of Coincidence is not a one-day read; at first we may feel, “cool, I found out so many things”, only to have questions and doubts about what we have read arise in our subconscious later, as we go about our day – but I can assure you, the fault is not in you. The Book of Coincidence contains multiple levels of understanding, and we only profit from it to the extent that we have understood. However, anyone who has read the book, finished it thinking that they knew everything about the topics that were discussed.

In the book you will encounter

Thinking experiments

Guided and carefully deducted experiments for which you will use your mind. The processes that are otherwise difficult to discern become clear, and you will ask, surprised: “Why didn’t I see this before?”

Sense of triumph

When you feel like there’s no way out or forward, a flicker of light gleams in the distance: understand the whole. Victory is made up of winning battles, and you will keep winning battles throughout the book.

Awakening consciousness

How does consciousness work, and what even is consciousness? What do we have to awake? You will often have mixed feelings, as the book’s content touches your senses that aren’t familiar with unorthodox questions or thoughts. It will be you and your consciousness that will awaken.


There will be times when we will seem to get into self-contradiction and the book will gently encourage you to disclaim and disagree with what has been written - but the die has already been cast. I am offering countless options; this book is not about the one and only truth.

Comprehensible physics

If you want to grasp the entire depth, you will need a minimal knowledge of physics. The book, however, makes sure to bring the deeper levels to a level that corresponds with the reader’s knowledge.

The Creating Power

Wars broke out and people died just to clarify the Creator and the creating power. Nobody should have died, I know it now... The answers have been right before our eyes for thousands of years - answers that can be accepted and denied too.



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